Our passion for wine and the culture of our territory are also expressed in our name, our labels, and our communications.
Pietradolce is an intuition that pays homage to the territory, and in particular to the lava stone that characterizes the Etna landscape. Stones make our work in the vineyard harder, but thanks to their composition they produce wines with unique personalities.
The logo is a triangle that reflects the archetypal shape of the volcano that spreads its benefits across the land.
Our labels depict the Volcano Woman, an image of great power and elegance, as well as the explosive energy of Etna, expressed in frantic pencil marks.

Everything is linked, everything leads back to the love for our land.


The new cellar is the result of a project in which art and craftsmanship intertwine to create spaces with a contemporary style and strongly linked to the territory, a few kilometres from the Etna Park and in the shadow of the volcano. Volcanic rock, iron, wood and earth from the vineyards are the materials mainly used in the creation of the interiors: vat cellar, barrel room and tasting room.

The art and wisdom of wine-making become one. In the shadow of the volcano, vat cellar and cooperage coexist with the works of local artisans and artists such as Giorgio Vigna and Alfio Bonanno. The former is an artist who shapes glass, metals and paper, breathing life into creations that express the character of primordial materials and forms; the latter is an exponent of Land Art who creates works made up only of natural elements.

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